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  • Reliance Industry with the widely expanding demand of steel clips for PEB constructions, Reliance stamping factory is established to better serve clients’ one-stop service beside purchasing roll formers.
  • Congratulations! RELIANCE INDUSTRY new website set up. Xiamen Reliance Industry is a professional manufacturer for all types of roll forming machines and metal process machinery. After years of
  • The auto straight/taper standing seam machines are use to produce various sizes of standing seam roofing, with the excellent design and precision sizes that popular used in many international building
  • To keep improving technology in roll forming field, reliance join many professional metal roll forming exhibitions all over the world. We join USA fair every year to meeting clients and finalize face to face
  • On a nicel day, downspout pipe roll forming machinewas packed and delivered... Square Tube or Round Tube Downspipe Forming Machine is the special equipment for continuous rolling and cold-forming on
  • Reliance Industry not only has rollforming machine, but also provides professional light steel structure roofing accessories,metal roofing system to meet customers. A new type of steel fasteners ready
  • Ceiling Hollow Roll Forming Machines/Hollow Ceiling Making Machine is used for producing steel hollow ceilings that use in inner house suspended ceiling usage. The steel hollow can be fabricated from various
  • C75 Stud Roll Forming Machine : Working flow: Decoiler--feeding--punching--roll forming--cut to length--output Delivery Photos: C/U Ceiling Making Machine/C Stud Roll Forming Machine